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JA slide show
Mahanama Maha Vidyalaya-Polpithigama

Childrens’ Day Commemoration – 2011

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Childrens’ Day Commemoration – 2011Childrens’ Day Commemoration

The Sociologic section together with the aesthetic section organized a programme on 30th of September to mark the Childrens’ Day which falls on 1st of October.  This contained speeches appreciating the childrens’ skills, distributing learning materials and an entertaining programme presented by teachers

Last Updated on Friday, 07 October 2011 09:11

Special Victory From Grade 5 scholarship

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BannerThere was a recently issued grade 5 scholarship result and 9 students have recorded high marks. R.M.Nuwani Anupama Aberathne has record high marks (184) in the school past. The principal together with staff have wished for them.

Last Updated on Monday, 26 September 2011 10:43

Education of Mahanama Maha Vidyalaya is further developed

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In order to develop the English education and its results, the principal of the school had asked for a qualified teacher of English from the ISA (English) as well as the Assistant Director (English), As a result of it, the English teacher, D.M.A.K.Deegalla who had been working at Ponnilawa Maha Vidyalaya has been transferred to Mahanama Maha Vidyalaya and he assumed duties on 28th of September 2011


Grade wise Parents meeting

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With the aim of developing the quality of the education parents meetings of the 2nd term are called.

Date                                                    Garde

16/09/2011                                         13 commerce

10/09/2011                                         4

20/09/2011                                         6

21/09/2011                                         10

22/09/2011                                         11

23/09/2011                                         7

26/09/2011                                         9

29/09/2011                                         13 Art

30/09/2011                                         5

On these particular days, parents will be given the students reports pertaining to the 2nd term Test 2011. Also the principal hopes to discuss with the parents about the ways and means of developing the education of the students.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 10:26

For increasing the beauty of School premises

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There is a 200000/==rupees amount to develop the school premises. Now the school has started to concrete all the roads in the school. Accordingly this programme, we have created other steps such as
1.    Planting agriculture crops
2.    Making new grasslands
3.    Making security damps along the roads
4.    Planting various types of seeds
There was a Shramadana Campaign regarding to the school premises development on 17th September.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 September 2011 12:30

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